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Kuma's egotistical cave (almost unpacked, free to post now)

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Kuma's egotistical cave (almost unpacked, free to post now)

Post by Kumadown on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:22 am

Hello, Kumadown here (as you can see by the username somewhere around this post), And this is my room, where you can usually find me, if i'm not lurking by the chat room. As time goes by this page will get longer and more eye appealing. I hope that we could all get along ^^

0)Follow the site rules/guidelines
These rules are just my personal preference and pet peeves, they are in no way an excuse for you to not follow the site rules.

1) No text talk please
Although I don't mind it through out the rest of the forums, I'm not to huge a fan of it, and at times I find it difficult to understand.

2) Try your best with spelling
I'm not the best speller in the world, nor am I the best at typing, But I do give my best so I expect my fellow peers to do the same. No one likes spending time trying to decode a message.

3) Please be nice to people
This is a given, No one likes a rude person.

4) This is a casual way of contacting me.
If you really want to challenge me to a duel and such, do so in the appropriate forums, this is just a way for you to catch my attention or say hello. ie: art request, holiday events. etc/

5) Follow these rules
I spent the time to type these out I hope that you would respect these wishes. Also as time goes by I may add more rules.

yugioh related:

It will probably be a while before I host a tournament again, due to the fact that apparently you can't "advertise" in the duel rooms, even though the DN has no rules against it in the rules/guidelines. But when I do I will post links to pairings, team rosters and such on here.

Tournament Info:
when I do host tournaments they will usually consist of 32 members (unless stated otherwise), the bellow are a brief description of the tournaments that I do host.

32 singles elimination:
this is the easiest to set up, and also the most basic and simple to understand. Each person enters they duel somepony, they move up the brackets.

32 singles elimination with themes:
I don't think I'll be hosting these much, unless people actually asks for them, or a good theme strikes me.

Team eliminations:
once again probably 32 members, but this time players will be dueling in a team like situation, extra lives some may call it. In this case a team will consist of 4 members and each members will enter the tournament, each dueling members of a different team. once all team members are knocked out of the challenges they are considered losing the tournament. Once a team reaches the very top, all 4 members of the team will duel the other 4 members of the opposing team for the finals, in a tag team duel (more explained in tag team duel).

Tag Team Duel:
basically it's team elimination, where teams duels other teams for the champion ship. A team would consist of 4 members. the Opener, The first support, The Second Support, and the Finisher. when the duel starts the two Openers will duel. then when one of the Openers loses, the baton will be past to the first supporter, and so on moving down to the finisher. life points will be recalculated each duel, but the winner will be forced to use the same deck. This way it will encourage team members to have decks that will cover each others weakness. For Example: Opener 1 vs Opener 2, after a tough duel opener 1 losses to opener 2, so opener 1 passes his baton to the teams first support. Now the first support will have noticed that opener 2 won because he has an xxxx deck, using this idea supporter 1 will use his yyy deck to counter the xxxx deck. this will go on till the finishers. the finishers duel will be different though. up until now all these duels was a single duel, when it gets to the point of finisher vs finisher, this would be a full match, that is best 2 out of 3 duels, and although they are still not allowed to switch decks, they are able to use a side deck.

I'm not to sure if I explained this well, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Current Tournament(s)
here you will find the links to the tournaments that are running at the moment, along with links to brackets and such.

Previous Winners
here you will find winners to old tournaments along with tournament results and such.

People Who Got Banned
here are people who get banned from the tournaments due to bad behavior, or breaking of rules, it's empty at the moment and lets keep it that way

Team Roster
This is where you will find teams that have been registered with me to be allowed in the team elimination/ tag team duels.

fill this out the enter your team

[b]Team Name:[/b]
[b]Team Leader:[/b] ERA User (DN User)
[b]Team Captain:[/b] ERA User (DN User)
[b]Team Member:[/b] ERA User (DN User)
[b]Team Member:[/b] ERA User (DN User)

stuff that I made/links to stuff that I made

Kuma's personal hall of fame (cool people I've met here)



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