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Welcome!!!! and I hope you enjoy your stay

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Welcome!!!! and I hope you enjoy your stay

Post by Kumadown on Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:17 am

I am Kumadown (as you can notice from the username over to the right) and the reason you are here is probably because either, one you stumble across this thread which in this case you probably know everything in here. the other reason you might be here, is that you've been recruited to join this wonderful academy, in which case I've went out of my way to compile all the main points of this whole forum into one neat simple to read thread. Of course there isn't really an iron clad rule on what is required to join, but of course one must be polite, respectable, and so on. and to join one must register ^^.

PS. I'm the only Bear here, lets keep it that way


After reading this and you still have questions either ask your recruiter, or register and ask the members in the chat box.

Q: What is a Duel Academy
A: well a Duel academy is a community of members based around dueling. In an Academy you are placed into dorms, and duel other members for points and the chance to rank up in the dorms. Pretty much Yugioh GX except people here are not as rude

Q: How do I join?
A: somewhere around the top is a "register" button, just click it and sign up. Keep in mind please be considerate and use and appropriate username, if you wonder if a username is appropriate then it's probably not.

Q:What are the requirements to join?
A: the requirements to join is not based on your dueling ability instead to join you just need to meet the requirements of...

follow the rules
and although you don't have to "love" my little ponies, if you love it/have problems with it, this is most likely not the right academy for you.

now then on to the rules. Keep in mind that these rules are not set by me, but instead they are set by the creators and admins of this site, and there are two sets of rules that one must follow at all times.

rules and guideline forum

the chatbox rules

1. No Spam: Spam is annoying and makes mods and admins angry.
Spam includes typing more than three times in a row about random things.
Posts that include only smilies.
Posts that are made up of l33tspeak.
One must 15 minutes before typing a fourth post in the chatroom. If nopony has said anything than you may type a fourth message. Any further posts must be given ten minutes apart.
Allowed Leetspeak words: Lol, rofl, lmao, brb, bbs, g2g, rl, otp, ooc, bf, bff, gf, lulz, lawl, mod, admin, wtf, kk, k, wb, ty, tyt
brb: Be right back
wb: Welcome back
Ty :Thank you
tyt: Take your time
Lol, lulz, lawl: Laugh out loud
lmao: laughing my arse off
bf: boyfriend
gf: girlfriend
wtf: what the frick
kk, k, ok : Okay
brb: Be right back
Bbs: Be back soon
g2g :Got to go
ooc : Out of character
bff: Best friend forever
Mod: Moderator
Admin: Administrator
DN: Dueling Network
Pms' : Personal Messaging
OTP : One true pairing
OTL : cute lil' emote
FML : Frick my life

2.No outside links to anything vulgar or advertising other academies.
A. We don't care to see your naked flank on our site, nor anyone else's. This is a MLP fansite combined with a children's card game. Doing such is rewarded not with the intial warning/ban system, but most likely an instant IP ban.
B. No Vulgarity, I.E. swearing, explicit sexual behavior, excessive violence, crude attitudes. Again this will most likely result in an instant IP ban. We don't need such filth in our herd!

3. Pretty please actually look at the E.D.A.'s roleplay chat as well. ---> Roleplay Chat
A. The rules to the EDA roleplay chat can be found here

Academy's code of conduct

1. Respect your fellow duelists. Respect the fact that some people's opinions may differ from your own. Above all, be polite. If there happens to be a disagreement, at least try to settle it like civilized human beings.

2. Be a good sport. Don't gloat and don't get angry just because you lost a duel. Getting angry over something so trivial just isn't worth it.

3. Cursing/Content Level - PG-13 - Cursing should be kept to the very bare minimum. We may have younger members joining. Have respect for them

4. Avoid SPAM. By SPAM, I mean one or two word posts, which rarely contribute much to a topic; excessive amounts of smilies; or excessive off-topic posting.
4a. Textspeak, leetspeak whatever you wish to call it will also be considered spam. No one has the patience to figure out what one really means through your moronic chatspeak

5. Have fun. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a game. It's not something to get upset over. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It's the fun of playing that matters.


All testers will have an @ in front of their names (unless it's one of those rare occasions) but not everypony with an @ in their names will test you. some of them are busy keeping the site up and running so they might not be able to test you at the given time.

how you will be tested

To get tested you must make a request in the appropriate forum

but if no one replies in a while, you can ask to be tested in the chatbox (there is usually one or two testers online)

now then you might be asking "why do I need to be tested" well the test will determine what dorm you will be in and besides you can upgrade that dull black name to a colorful one

this is how you will be tested

After you are done reading this, give me your opinion

did this help you?
if not, what can I do to be of more help?
was this easy to understand?
if not, what do you suggest to edit?
if recruited, who recruited you?
where did you hear about us?

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Re: Welcome!!!! and I hope you enjoy your stay

Post by flameman226 on Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:09 pm

wat is???

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Re: Welcome!!!! and I hope you enjoy your stay

Post by Kumadown on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:53 am

A thread that's currently in the making o-o not to sure how I want to format to go yet though

(gana be used to help me recruit)

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Re: Welcome!!!! and I hope you enjoy your stay

Post by Sponsored content

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