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Dorm Ideas

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Dorm Ideas

Post by Kimo Force on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:07 pm

I watched the eleventh episode of the second season, and somehow, this came to my head. Now, I believe there are quite too many dorms for the academy, that it's difficult to keep track since the levels of profession do vary among the dorms. Now instead of laying it over five dorms, considering Twilight Purple as the War team, why not split them into three dorms with a war team instead. The beginner's dorm would be "Earth Ponies", bearing no magic. "Unicorns" for the intermediate dorm for their abilities to conjure magic and witchcraft. "Pegasuses" as the advanced dorm for rising high in the sky. As for the war team, we could use "The Wonderboltz" as a name.

Now personally, I believe this is more accurate to follow and keep track of. Plus, it's easier this way to think of events for all three dorms. It's also a little more logical than using the mane six as the dorm names since it could seem to others that we're taking sides with a select of the cast. Look at Rarity White and Fluttershy Yellow. A fellow member could be like "wow, I guess they really do "love" (spoken with sarcasm in case no one gets it) Flutter, but are hyped about Rarity." Should you have any troubles sending all the members to the right dorms, all Twilight and Rarity go to Pegasuses, Rainbow Dashes and Applejacks go to Unicorns, and Pinkies and Fluttershies to Earth Ponies. The war team could be an extra dorm that people sign up for, who might have to be from the Unicorn dorm if required by the staff, but they would still be able to join ordinary dorms and such.

I understand that most of us are already comfortable with the dorms we have at the moment, but these are my suggestions to somehow improve them. Also, if you don't like the idea of having to separate (or discriminate) between the different kinds of ponies, you could still make all three dorms equal and add a field in the user profiles which determines the rank.

Also, if the names do sound corny, I have a few suggestions:

Earth Euphoria / Ponyville
Unicorn Utopia / Canterlot
Pegasus Palace / Cloudsdale

Hope I've been of help.
Kimo Force
Kimo Force

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