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Zakikanoi's place. Empty Zakikanoi's place.

Post by Zakikanoi on Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:01 am

I'm happy to be OOC and/or IC, so don't feel pressure one way or another. :3

OOC introduction of the room: Hi everypony! Feel free to post in here if you want my attention, if not, post in here to talk at me!

IC introduction: As you enter into the dorm, you're greeted by a sight not uncommon in the Pinkie Pie Pink dorm rooms, the sight of what seems like a constant Pinkie Pie Party location. Frills and decorations are scattered chaotically about the room, confetti carpeting the floor in an array of colours, almost covering the actual carpet. A table near the side of the room has some food and bottles of cola on. A television is lazily placed on a desk nearby with cards scattered over the desk, said desk filled with both Pinkie Pie Party favours and cards alike.

The walls are painted an almost blinding shade of pink, which contrasts with the bright blue of the roof and carpet below. There's a humble double-bed with a cover that is divided between blue and pink by various squiggly lines. Some balloons float in the corner, two blue, one yellow, the signature symbol of the Pinkie Pie dorm.

This is the room of one Zakikanoi Zikishua, a student who for all intents and purposes, is completely insane, but has a love of dueling for fun and can't wait to get started making tons and tons of friends!


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Zakikanoi's place. Empty Re: Zakikanoi's place.

Post by Dr. Bob on Mon Dec 05, 2011 2:52 am

Welcome Zaki! Just remember to keep the windows shut at all times.......
Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob

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